Making Your Military Relocation a Smooth One

Throughout the career of a Canadian Forces Member there will be numerous posting notices to various parts of Canada and abroad.  If you are a CF Member and who is expecting a Posting Msg and would like information, prior to your HHT, on the surrounding area and the current market, please feel free to contact me.  I would be more than happy to assist you.  Knowing the time restraints that you (and your family) are under during your HHT,  your move will be a high priority to me.

If a military move to Petawawa is in your future, I will start working with you before your arrival here to Petawawa, keeping you informed, providing guidance and research.  I will watch the market, prepare your Itinerary prior to arrival and commit to your needs while you are here.
If you have a house to sell at your current location, I can provide you with a contact for an Agent in your area.  Being part of a large organization such as Re/Max, means I have a large network of Agents in other military towns throughout Canada.  I am happy to do this referral for you.

Provided are some links to help obtain information on relocation. Helpful Links: Making the Move (from the PMFRC welcome web site)