Whether it is your first time selling, or you are a regular home seller - selling your home can be stressful. For those in the military community, the extra stress of short time frames, the pressure of imminent departure dates, a "posting season", and limitations on how much time you can afford to spend selling your home all add that much more stress to the occassion.

Understanding the bi-polar experience of stress and excitement of selling, I am happy to provide all of my selling and potential selling clients, a comprehensive Pre-Listing Package.  This package is available for home sellers and introduces the process of preparing your home for a listing so that you can show off your best household assets.  The Pre-Listing Package is available in hard copy which I am happy to drop off to you, or via email. 

If, in the process of selling your home, you think you are in need of a Market Evaluation on your home, I would be happy to include a Market Evaluation when delivering your Pre-Listing Package.  By leaving this Market Evaluation with you, it will provide one more tool available to help you make the decisions you are facing when selling your home.  

Simply complete the simple tool below or contact me.  Providing your address will help me start researching for your Market Evaluation and prepare any Pre-Listing questions you may have.